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We match companies with Africa’s Quality Workforce, On-Demand In Just 48 Hours specialized in the in-demand careers digital economy. We are more efficient & 70% faster than traditional recruiting and workforce outsourcing methodologies. We are building Africa’s Large Workforce Hubs that service both African & global jobs markets.

Trained. Tested. Vetted Talents & Teams for you.

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Join companies & organizations ranging from Startups to Corporates that trust Umurava to hire, outsource, and manage Africa's vetted Talents & teams: Freelancers, remote workers, services providers and full-time employees.

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  • Umurava Talents Specializations

    We are building Africa’s large workforce of Digital Talents & Teams that are specialized in the
    in-demand skills for the digital economy. Share your job or Project Brief and get vetted profiles.

    Digital Media & Marketing

    1030 Talents

    11 Teams

    Research & Data

    900 Talents

    20 Teams


    600 Talents

    56 Teams

    1000+ Talents and 300+ Teams have been vetted and onboarded at Umurava.


    Niyigena Tresor

    UI/UX Designer

    5years Experience



    Lenny Pascal

    UI/UX Designer

    5years Experience



    Niyigena Tresor

    UI/UX Designer

    5years Experience


    Shaping the Future of Work in Africa

    We are leveraging the digital economy to accelerate the freelancing, outsourcing, and remote-working industries in Africa by developing Africa’s talents and building work infrastructure.

    It is expected that 80% of the Global workforce will be involved in freelancing jobs in 2030. This is an opportunity for Umurava to create massive jobs in the freelancing industry by building freelance workforces that provide services to companies in Africa and across the globe. As freelancers are highly skilled in their domains and they are affordable, it is time to enable companies to use African freelancers.

    The Umurava Platform

    Easy & Efficient for your organization. Better for your workforce.

    We provide End-to-End Workforce Hiring, Outsourcing and Management Solution on One Talent Platform, boosting your companies productivity and performance.

    70% Faster and 60% Cheaper than traditional hiring processes and methodologies

    Find and hire Africa’s quality Talents & Teams, On-Demand. We enable your company to get the right talent for your job just only in 48 hours or less.

    Access Africa’s Vetted Talents

    Hire and Build Teams faster with us

    The Recruitment processes were simplified

    Leverage Talent Matching Platform,
    powered by AI


    Our Talent Solutions

    We are your One-stop-Shop Talent Platform to access and manage all types
    of the workforce, on-demand.

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    Freelance Teams

    Get On-Demand Freelance Team to deliver projects and services.

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    Outsource Teams

    We provide the Outsourced Team that delivers the jobs in some of your departments on a long-term basis.

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    Remote Teams

    We hire and manage Africa’s remote teams for global companies and organizations.

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    We recruit and source full-time employees for your organization quickly and cost-effectively.

    How it Works

    Start Hiring and Outsourcing with us today by enjoying simple, faster and more efficient process. We use AI Technology and Talent Management Experts to source, vet, and match Talents and Service Providers with businesses on both short & long-term jobs and projects.








    Share Your Requests

    Fill out a job/talent request form for 5 minutes, e-mail us, or call us detailing scope of work or talents needed.

    Get Matched

    Our AI Talent Search Engine and Talent Management Experts will select the perfect matching talent & team on your request in 48 hours or in minutes

    Get to Work

    Our Work Operating System enables efficient Workforce Management, Project Management, and Payments. No more headaches and pains for working with contingent and hybrid workforce.

    Why Umurava?

    We are committed to to delivering the best value to companies & organisations


    Fast & Simple

    We vetted and upskilled the talents and
    teams per their technical specialization,
    soft skills, industry of focus, level of
    expertise and according to previous work

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    Save Time

    Get matched with the quality talents
    and teams through our AI-Technology
    and Our industry Experts in order to
    ensure the quality assurance. As a
    result, we are 99% success rate.

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    Efficinet Managment &
    Qualilty Delivery

    We moved the talents hiring from 1-3
    months to 48 hours or less and this
    saves your time, money and efforts
    while getting the right talents. We also
    eliminate the talent termination costs.

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    We brought Work-risk free where we
    successfully vetted talents and we bring
    right managment systems in place to
    ensure hight quality. If the talents are not
    suitable, we repalce the talents quickly.

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    Getting the right talents and teams is
    one. The complement is efficient system
    and process in place to deliver. We take
    the pains and headaches that occur while
    managing the outsourced workofrce.

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